BOB HUB cushion cover - Deer in the woods

BOB HUB cushion cover - Deer in the woods

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Our gorgeous bob hub artists designs
made into beautiful cushion covers.
Cushions are Approx. 50x50cm
Sold as cover only. Inserts are sold separately.
Black cotton back and invisible zip.

Bob hub artist: Leah Hartley
In 2011 Leah began The Quircus,
a vibrant and fantastical land through
which Leah escapes to explore her
love of illustration. Leah's work
inhabits a playful world inspired
by animals, fairytales and folklore.
Influenced by the graphic style,
clean lines and limited colour
palettes employed in folk art, she
finds beauty in simplicity and employs
a minimalist approach to her works
using bold shapes intertwined with
fine detailing.

*note that we work with natural fibres 
and fabrics, there are always slight 

imperfections especially in linens and 
canvas and each dye lot is different. 

This makes everything very unique
and these naturally occurring imperfections 

only add to the unique product you are 
buying from us. Handmade, beautifully