Cute Australia koala bag
Cute Australia koala bag

Cute Australia koala bag

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So Sweet.. Cute Australia shoulder bag!
The tote bag you have always wanted. 
Cute, sophisticated and very practical.
Beautifully made from quality canvas 
fabric, measuring approx. 42.5cm 
high, 37cm wide with a 9 cm gusset.
Long comfortable cotton drill straps, 
make this bag perfect to tote around 
all your precious treasures.

Cute Australia shoulder bags have six different 
to choose from: Koala, Wallaby, 
Wombat, Sugar Glider, 
Koala Club and 
Koala & Wombat Friends. 

All designed with love by Australian 
artist Sonia Brit.

- Quality poly canvas fabric
- height 40.5cm (without handles), 
height 72cm with handles, width 37cm,
depth 9 cm (gusset)
- Cotton drill handles for strength and comfort
- Long comfortable strap length
- Made in Australia