BOB HUB zip pouch - Motmot Sentinels

BOB HUB zip pouch - Motmot Sentinels

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Makes a great pouch for everyday or clutch
for day wear, make up bag, travel pouch
or anything you want to store or carry.
Hand made in Bendigo.
Approx. 25cm x 18cm.
Fully lined.
Black cotton back.

Bob hub artist: Teresa Edwards
Teresa has had many working professions
from Graphic Designer to Apple picker,
the one she likes best is creating art in
varied forms. An avid doodler in fact many
of her creations stem from this pastime.
She has a passion for creating quirky little
visuals with heavily detailed patterns
and textures, her style is characterised
by this and lots of bright colours.
She spends most of her free time combining
traditional and digital methods, bringing life
to her original illustrations.

*note that we work with natural fibres 
and fabrics, there are always slight 

imperfections especially in linens and 
canvas and each dye lot is different. 

This makes everything very unique and 
these naturally occurring imperfections 

only add to the unique product you 
are buying from us. Handmade,